We seek to address these challenges with the introduction of THE IDEALAB: a well-equipped space, designed to support our current STEAM curricula and ongoing innovation at our school. We propose converting part of an underutilized space in 2015. This space will support three core competencies: Creation, Communication and Community.  This room will be divided into three spaces: The Makerspace, and The Seeingspace and a third, transitional Community Space for collaborative problem solving and critique. The Makerspace will be  a workshop and workspace for students to create with both traditional materials as well as explore rapid prototyping with new technologies including 3D printing, robotics and electronics.  The Seeingspace will contain a studio for students to create and document their projects with digital and analog storytelling and portfolios.  Between these two spaces, the Community Space will have communal tables for discussion, problem solving and critique. This space will allow students to work, explore, reflect, learn and experience together.  While we will look to allow existing curricular projects to expand in this new space, we will also introduce new after school programs as a vehicle for launching new STEAM initiatives.