Get Started on Your Own Projects


With all the new tools available, it is tough to find approachable instructions for emerging techniques. This section will share “how-to” instructions for some cool new techniques including interactive videos and 3D design.

Video Tutorials

Interactive YouTube Videos


Learn how to make your videos interactive.

While we work so hard to make our classes interactive, why do people make flipclass videos that passive? Create your own choose-your-own-adventure videos using you-tube annotations to give your students instant feedback.

Plan ahead and include choices in your video for students to make as they watch. Then using the spotlight annotation, send them to other videos or to another spot in the current video to get instant feed back. This video will wall you through everything you need to know to make your videos interactive.

Responsive Flipping

Coming Soon

3D Modeling and Scanning

Up coming tutorials will included

  • E Making 3D models from photographs using programs like 123D Catch and Recap
  • A Taking the best photos to use in Photogrammetry Scanning.
  • w DIY structured light and laser scanning using the free David Scanner software, a web cam and a cheap line laser or projector.
  • ( How to take a 3D scan and make it into something you can 3D print.
  • o How to turn PDB protein structures into printable formats for hands-on learning
  • And many more. . .